VFX Horde Opens Monday & Live Chat with Garrett Fry

VFX Horde Opens Monday & Live Chat with Garrett Fry

September 26, 2020 – It’s now happening! The VFX Horde enrollment is opening this coming Monday, September 28th.

You can now chat with me live on the site. If you see this little box:

Then I am online and ready to answer any questions you have about the training.

You can head over to to get info about all the training programs that are currently available but here is a quick brief:

3DDMP Career Advancement Program:

This program is for current Jr 3DDMP artists or other VFX professionals that want to jump into 3DDMP. The program is designed to help you get over the knowledge and skills gaps that are holding you back from progressing in your career. I will work with you to develop a personalized growth program and assist you in creating unique next level demo reel pieces with VFX Horde assets to show your current or future employers that you are ready to advance.

More info on the 3DDMP Career Advancement Program:

3DDMP Review Room:

This program is targeted to people that have graduated or near graduation that are looking to get a job in VFX—designed to fill in the gap between graduation and full-time employment. It is a simulated VFX studio training experience where you get access to film footage and assets to build unique demo reel pieces that will give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. You will submit your work in the VFX Horde Review Room where you will receive feedback from me, your Lead, in Dailies, and Rounds. Together we will work to finesse and refine your work to give you the best possible demo reel pieces.

More info on the 3DDMP Review Room:

Self-Guided Sequence Training:

Sequence training gives you access to all of the Sequence shots, assets, and video Lead training. This training is designed to help you with problem-solving shot work. The video Lead training will walk you through how to approach the challenges in the Sequence. Then you get to try it out yourself on a huge selection of shots and assets. Your ingenuity and skill in executing these shots will not just give you unique demo reel pieces but give you the VFX studio experience that is lacking in nearly all online and university education. This is the missing piece you have been looking for in your VFX education!

More info on Sequence Training:

For more information, please visit at VFX Horde

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