VFX Horde – Last Day / Breaking: Studios say “No More on the Job Training”

VFX Horde – Last Day / Breaking: Studios say “No More on the Job Training”

October 9, 2020VFX Horde, I have talked to multiple VFX companies and learned they’re all dropping most if not all their in-house training programs. For some, it is a permanent change, and for others, it is a major downsizing. I am afraid that the golden era of on the job training at a VFX company is over. That means very few, if any, will use that as a means to break into the VFX industry. Now people will need to find a different way.

The “different way” is now the VFX Horde. Many of you know I was the Lead 3DDMP/Environments training in MPC/Technicolor Academy. Before I got to MPC they had attempted a 3DDMP program and failed. I was called in to rebuild the whole program from the ground up. I did and we had a 100% graduation rate from my program. Now many of my students are holding Senior and Lead roles.

After so much success I wanted to provide a way for everyone to get the Academy experience so I built the VFX Horde. Now that the Technicolor Academies are no longer being held, the VFX Horde picks up the torch and carries the mantle of the “most relevant training experience” for aspiring VFX Artists.

As you may know, today is the last day to enroll in the VFX Horde Review Room. After COVID has settled, VFX companies are going to be on a hiring frenzy and I hope that you have the demo reel and skill set to get caught up in that. This is really an amazing opportunity to catch the wave.

If you want to partner with me to reach your career goals please enroll now. I am now offering a discount for today only.

15% off total tuition for the upfront plan.
Use coupon code: 15%-OFF-UPFRONT

30% off total tuition for the first payment of the monthly plan.
Use coupon code: 30%-OFF-MONTHLY

Use these codes on the Review Room:

Also, use these codes on self gilded training:

I am now offering the “Advanced Option” of the Cemetery and Alleyway Sequence bundle to anyone enrolling in the Review Room.

Payment Plan for Advanced Option (Cemetery/Alleyway):

Upfront Option (Cemetery/Alleyway):

I hope to see you in the Review Room!

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For more information, please visit at VFX Horde

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