Yesterday VFX Breakdown by Union VFX

Yesterday VFX Breakdown by Union VFX

Union were the sole VFX vendor chosen to help create the mysterious blackout and enable Jack to perform to huge crowds of adoring fans.

Footage and music courtesy of Universal.

Yesterday is a 2019 romantic comedy film directed by Danny Boyle and screenplay by Richard Curtis, based on a story by Jack Barth and Curtis. The film, named after the song of the same name written by Paul McCartney, stars Himesh Patel as a struggling musician Jack Malik, who, after an accident, finds himself the only person who remembers The Beatles and becomes famous after taking credit for their songs. The film also stars Lily James as the protagonist’s childhood friend and love interest, Kate McKinnon as his obnoxious manager, and Ed Sheeran as a fictionalised version of himself.

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