Liaison Adds Software Developer and Immersive Studio Theia Interactive to Agency Roster

Liaison Adds Software Developer and Immersive Studio Theia Interactive to Agency Roster

Liaison to Help Theia Expand Reach of XR Experiences and Enterprise-Ready Game Engine Tech.

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 29, 2020 – Liaison, an award-winning public relations firm specializing in 3D technology, has been selected by Theia Interactive to promote its work in the XR, AEC and design industries. Theia is currently preparing new campaigns for its Optim software, a tool kit that takes the stress out of game engines. Liaison will support these efforts through a mix of messaging, product launches and strategic stories.

“Theia is not only making high-quality immersive experiences; they’re also building tools that will help others do the same by increasing the speed at which enterprises can access the real-time revolution,” said Heidi Lowell, founder and president of Liaison. “We look forward to helping them shine a light on an exciting medium.”

Founded in 2014, Theia creates high-end XR visualizations for enterprise companies. The highly accurate real-time environments not only help sell ideas, but also help companies save time and money by providing a virtual space for stakeholders to communicate, review progress and make decisions for major commercial projects. In 2018, Theia began expanding its business into software, commercializing its internal tools to help other studios develop their own offerings. Production-proven, and with partners like HP and Epic, Theia has worked on projects ranging from the Logan Airport renovation to Epic Games’ AR motorcycle.

“Theia is a company with two sides – software and services – which means our PR firm not only needed to be experts in XR, they needed to know how to easily switch between our facets without losing the bigger picture,” said Bill Fishkin, president of Theia Interactive. “Liaison clearly knows this space through and through, making them an ideal partner for our next big push.”

About Liaison

Founded in 1998, Liaison represents a “who’s who” of the 3D tech and production world. One of the first 3D PR firms, Liaison helps clients capitalize on the most interesting aspects of 3D, providing an easier path to stories that stick. Liaison focuses on films, games, broadcast, VR/AR, emerging tech, animation and architecture. Current/former clients include NVIDIA, Wacom, Chaos Group, Digital Domain, Rokoko, TurboSquid, Foundry and Allegorithmic.

About Theia Interactive

Based in Chico, California, Theia Interactive is an immersive solutions studio and software developer, with a passion for building beautiful virtual environments for Enterprise businesses. Whether it’s virtual reality experiences, augmented reality demos, or mobile apps, Theia tells engaging stories through virtualization. Theia has created award-winning projects for companies such as Epic Games, HP, Mohawk Group, NVIDIA, Suffolk Construction and Toll Brothers.

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