Behind the Scenes of ‘Battlesuit’ Animated Series

Behind the Scenes of ‘Battlesuit’ Animated Series

The “Making Of” Featurette is now out! ‘Battlesuit’ Check out behind the scenes on how the project was put together using Epic Games, Inc. Unreal Engine powered by NVIDIA Quadro RTX on the Razer Inc. Studio laptop with some shots utilising Glassbox Technologies Dragon Fly.

Battlesuit is an upcoming cg animated short based on the graphic novel, The Theory.

The animation was done entirely using real time animation techniques and is directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull (Disney’s Fast Layne & sci-fi feature hit – The Beyond).

Battlesuit was written by Neil Gibson who adapted a story in The Theory by David Court. The Theory is a sci-fi anthology series of short sharp punchy stories revolving around an astroarchaeologist, working to save our future, and a time traveller, working to save our past.

For more information, please visit at Battlesuit

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