Pixar RenderMan 21 is Released!

Pixar RenderMan 21 is Released!

Pixar RenderMan 21

The latest feature reel from Pixar demonstrates a number of the newest features in RenderMan 21 in action.

RenderMan 21 is currently available commercially, and will be available for non-commercial later this year.

For the first time, RenderMan now ships with the same shaders & lights used at Pixar, the very same that created Finding Dory … providing all RenderMan artists access to Pixar’s toolbox for lighting and look development, real tools that have already created amazingly sophisticated and complex imagery for feature film. In addition, this major release represents the maturation of the RIS rendering framework, which has been tested and proven on feature films such as Jungle Book and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, establishing RenderMan as the most advanced rendering platform currently available. Developed specifically for animation and VFX, this release is focused on expanding the creative horizons for storytelling while continuing to raise the bar for performance and quality. RenderMan is now more than just a renderer; it is a complete shading and lighting ecosystem, more powerful, accessible, and comprehensive than ever before.

Pixar RenderMan 21 Features

Pixar Production Shaders
Pixar Production Lights
Pixar Surface Collection
Advanced Patterns
Streamlined UI
Better Denoising
VR Ready

More Features …

Performance Gains – Significant optimizations for speed and memory
Volume Acceleration – Major improvements in speed and memory efficiency
Deformation Volume Blur – Added realism for moving volumes
Transparent Alpha – Accumulate transparency along the path for compositing
Deep EXR Textures – New display driver
Light Portal — Get better looking interiors with fewer samples
Relative Pixel Variance – Control on a per object basis
Display Filters – Apply filters across an entire image, like tone mapping
Native OSL Support – Improves work flow for pattern creation
Occlusion Integrator – Generate occlusion for post compositing work
Final Frame Checkpointing – Continue to render a “finished” image
Thin Shadows – Cheap colored shadows for transparent objects
Intuitive Tilt & Shift – Simple controls for automatic computation
API Improvements – For full customization
Watertight Tessellation – Suppressing artifacts on polygonal meshes
Ptex – Performance improvements

Source by CG Record. For more information visit at Pixar RenderMan 21

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