Technicolor Genesis – Real Time Virtual Production

Technicolor Genesis – Real Time Virtual Production

While virtual production has been around for decades, it is currently experiencing a major transformation. New immersive experience platforms, computer-generated imagery (CGI), and game engine technologies are being integrated into the process – offering filmmakers an unprecedented level of flexibility, control, and creativity.

As a result, the next generation of virtual production – perhaps better referred to as real-time virtual production – is emerging, enabling filmmakers to combine CGI environments and characters with imagery from real-world environments and live actors, in new and better ways. It allows critical players in the filmmaking process to collaborate, view, and manipulate media assets and scenes across multiple locations as the production process unfolds.

Real Time Virtual Production

Real-time virtual production environments combine immersive technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), with CGI and game-engine technologies, so that directors can see their scenes unfold as they are composed and captured on set.

This makes it possible for directors — and other disciplines in the filmmaking process — to make changes on the fly during the production process.

Because it is an entirely digital process, animators and other artists can collaborate on the production from different locations as well. They can view the same composite imagery and make changes that are immediately rendered as directors make their requests — and all involved can immediately see the results.

The Virtual Production Platform: Genesis

Developed by Technicolor’s premier VFX studio MPC, and now overseen by a dedicated Virtual Production team at Technicolor, the Genesis production platform is the culmination of a multiyear development program to address the requirements of this new, real-time virtual production environment.

Genesis provides tools that give directors, production designers, lighting designers, directors of photography, VFX and post-production supervisors – among others – the ability to simultaneously integrate and manipulate live action and computer-generated assets.

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