Virtual Production by The Mill

Virtual Production by The Mill

The Mill – What do we mean when we say ‘Virtual Production’?

“In simple terms, integrating game engine technologies into our workflow allows us to take the post out of production. On Virtual Sets, we shoot real-time in-camera VFX using LED wall technology and can get your talent and products to any location without ever leaving the studio.

With Virtual Characters, we use game engines to animate and render final pixel-quality personas and mascots in real-time, directing them as if they were live actors. With Virtual Production, we seamlessly collaborate in real time through VR or web interfaces, without being physically together.
These workflows are particularly important for distributed teams and clients. I’m excited about the future of Virtual Characters, Virtual Sets and Real-Time Animation, and the ways we can use them to tell immersive brand stories.” – Aurelien Simon | Executive Producer, Emerging Technology at The Mill.

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