“A New Virtual Production Studio is born” by Marvelous Pictures Ltd, Big Motion & Visionfilm to be Released Nationwide in 2020!

“A New Virtual Production Studio is born” by Marvelous Pictures Ltd, Big Motion & Visionfilm to be Released Nationwide in 2020!

May 1, 2020 – London – Marvelous Pictures Ltd, The new facility, 5th in Europe, is setting up the engine to start soon as new Virtual Production Studio in Italy, Milan.

Virtual production is where physical and digital worlds collide. It is a new production process that merges physical objects like actors and real-world camera movements into real-time CGI rendering solutions like game engines.

The landscapes in the project were made by some veteran artists, led by Luca G Rossetti, an art director, and a visual effects supervisor. The artists had solid backgrounds in the high-end film industry, such as Miodrag Colombo, Abo Chadi, also Big Motion, a strong team that has supported in conjunction with Marvelous Pictures LTD and VisionFilm the right technology and skills.

This combination of skill sets, and disciplines are ensuring that the project gets the best of any digital entertainment techniques, by applying the creative process of a movie and real-time visual effects, where each shot is made individually, whilst leveraging the speed and efficiency of a video game environment development process ingested in film creation.

Each shot generally starts with concept art, passing through a virtual environment driven by HTC VIVE and OCULUS technology alongside UNREAL ENGINE, and from there a feedback loop between the art director and visual effects supervisor. Once the concept, camera movement and virtual lenses are approved, artists begin to work on it, with Virtual Production Supervisor providing feedback along the way through a Motion Control System driven by a planned Virtual Scouting in pre-production.

Hyper-realistic camera movement is the key for achieving the subtleties of any cinematic realism. This can be challenging and highly time-consuming in a digital production when cameras are animated by hand.

To overcome this limitation and to simulate every subtle intricacy of real-world cinematography, a special VR rig connected to our Motion Control System with a property software named “ORIGIN” gives the ability to be immersed in the digital world through VR’s cameras, and shot all footage completely in-engine with all data recorded as keyframes precisely by means of the inverse cinematic process.

The new 9687.52 Sq. Ft. facility will perform high-end services such as Art Departments, Visualization, Virtual Production, Remote View, Editorial on Stage and Mocap Systems available in between 2020/2021

Marvelous Studios is the future you need to know about, bringing the virtual into the physical.

Source: Marvelous Pictures Ltd

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