Ireland’s first Master’s degree in 3D Animation in partnership with Sheridan College

Ireland’s first Master’s degree in 3D Animation in partnership with Sheridan College

IADT welcome Dr Janet Morrison, President and Vice Chancellor of Sheridan College to launch Ireland’s first Master’s degree in 3D Animation developed in association with Sheridan College Ontario.

The new MA in 3D Animation programme builds upon the significant successes of our undergraduate Animation programme. IADT’s partners and collaborators in this endeavour are Sheridan College in Canada, regarded as the world’s leading school of Animation. Sheridan remains one of the worlds’ most well-known and successful animation programmes anywhere, bringing substantial expertise and ambition to the development of animation education in Ireland. This MA is shared with Sheridan College and welcomes Irish, Canadian and indeed all international students to the full programme.

The focus on this programme of study is to give the learners the skills and competences to thrive in the complex but exciting 3D Animation industry. Students will acquire practical skills relevant to each stage of the 3D production process, developing a command of the 3D Animation production pipeline, gain knowledge about the industry as a whole and explore emerging research in relevant areas.

IADT were delighted to welcome leading providers in Ireland’s animation industry to the launch event including, Boulder Media, JAM Media, Brown Bag Films along with Animation Ireland.

Five Sheridan graduates have begun their studies at IADT this January. They are eligible to complete the 12-month Master of Arts program in Ireland in just four months as a result of the credit given to them for their prior learning at Sheridan. Graduates of this programme will also find employment opportunities in related and contingent fields including the VFX, gaming and the newer fields of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) all of which are enjoying a period of growth.

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