NIM Labs Releases NIM 3.0

NIM Labs Releases NIM 3.0

Studio Management Platform Introduces New Features for VFX and Post Production After Successful Beta Test; Free 30-Day Trial Available.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – October 10, 2018 – Today, NIM Labs releases NIM 3.0, the all-in-one studio management platform that helps visual effects and post production houses win business, track projects and manage a company all in one place. Following its first public unveiling at SIGGRAPH 2018, NIM 3.0 has undergone rigorous testing, clearing the way for immediate deployment in professional studio environments.

“NIM’s financial tools are unmatched,” said Matthew Cibulka, producer at Logan. “Nothing else lets us track timecards and expenses with more ease. For the past year, we’ve focused on real-time burn rates and actuals to make faster decisions about where our people and projects need to go. With 3.0, we’ll be adding even more features to the mix.”

NIM 3.0 introduces several new features since its SIGGRAPH debut, beginning with fresh options to better organize internal communications. Users will now be able to access a new set of rule-based notifications that grant full control over who receives email notifications, and what those notifications are about. Another new option allows for the creation of unique user groups, ensuring that information is filtered into the proper places with ease.

NIM 3.0 also updates the task Gantt view, providing new tools for the easy sorting of tasks and users. In addition, users can now attach their profit center to NIM bid items and expenses. With a higher-level of dashboard reporting, users will be able to check job profitability across different types of work, continuing NIM Labs’ goal to provide the type of easily accessible financial information that allows studios to make better business decisions across the entire life of a project.

Major previously announced features include:

Revamped Creative Review – Replaces previous Review tool, making the screening and markup of videos, PDFs and still frames even easier. Review items can also be stacked according to version, allowing supervisors and clients to quickly visualize progress.

Review Bins – Introduction of savable smart filters and grouped elements for better team organization.

Theater View – Allows for a larger viewer experience in the Review tool, including the ability to zoom, fit, fill and pan review items during playback.

NIM Connector for Adobe Premiere – With NIM 3.0, Adobe Premiere becomes a powerful conform tool, helping VFX, VR and post houses do everything from creating timeline shots to round-tripping elements rendered in other packages, all without leaving the app.

AD/LDAP Support – Organizations can now manage permissions and security groups from Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

“We’ve been using NIM for a few months and absolutely love its built-in connectors to Flame, Nuke and After Effects,” said Andy Milkis, Director of Visual Effects at Spontaneous. “The new Premiere Connector in version 3.0 will be an absolute game-changer for us. We have an increasing number of projects that offline in Premiere but need to be finished in Flame and Resolve. With 3.0, once the cut is approved, our Premiere timeline instantly becomes the finishing timeline.”

NIM is the only studio management platform capable of bidding, tracking, versioning, scheduling, reviews, finances and timecards in one place. After incubating at Ntropic, NIM has been engineered to fulfill the evolving needs of today’s production teams, using insights from customers and former creative directors to plug key gaps in the marketplace. In just a few short years, this pursuit has made it the preferred studio management software for Digital Domain, Logan, Taylor James, Intelligent Creatures and more.

For more information, please visit the NIM 3.0 product page.

Pricing and Availability

NIM 3.0 is available now. Active user licenses cost $360 annually and $40 monthly. NIM 3.0 is currently available as a free 30-day trial.

About NIM Labs

NIM Labs are the creators of NIM, the world’s first studio management software. Incubated at Ntropic, NIM Labs consists of creative directors and studio heads who want to centralize the most common challenges studios face, from finances to production tracking, so teams can stay more informed, more profitable and more engaged in their work. NIM is currently used at: Digital Domain, Intelligent Creatures, Ayzenberg, Logan, Taylor James, Lockheed Martin and more. NIM Labs is headquartered in LA.

For more info:

Official website of NIM Labs

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